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Below are workshops I have led or co-led that were either presented fully online or were presented in a hybrid (face-to-face and online) format.

Back to Basics #2: Assignments and Discussions
Description: In this video, Jason S. Todd demonstrates how to create an Assignment Submission Folder and a Discussion Forum & Topic in Brightspace.

Engaging Students Online
Description: This video shares with faculty ways to stay in touch with students during emergency remote teaching and ways to engage students during synchronous class meetings using Zoom and Brightspace.

(Re)Thinking Exams
Description: In this workshop, attendees are challenged to consider methods of assessments, such as open-book texts, low-stakes testing, and student projects, that can be used in place of traditional high-stakes exams.

Complex Tests in Brightspace
Description: In this video, faculty are introduced to some of the more complicated question types available in Brightspace Quizzes, as well as other features.

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