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ENGL 2200: Modern English Grammars

This course is designed to give students some theoretical understanding of English syntax as well as the uses of Edited American English. Students will learn to manipulate their use of language at the sentence level for specific purposes and audiences, to edit their own writing confidently, and to analyze written texts. Other outcomes will enable students to understand some learners’ difficulty with grammar, to look beyond their surface errors, and to understand the difficulties ESL students have with English grammar. Throughout the course, students will read and analyze student and professional writing.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will achieve the following:

  1. Know essential terminology associated with the study of English grammar.
    1. Identify the forms of parts of speech and grammatical elements.
    2. Describe the functions of parts of speech and grammatical elements.
  2. Analyze syntactic structure and patterns.
    1. Identify, produce, and evaluate the various sentence structures.
    2. Explain the different effects of different sentence structures.
  3. Explain grammatical concepts and teach grammar skills and knowledge.
    1. Examine differences in spoken and written use of language.
    2. Instruct others about different elements of English grammar.
    3. Describe grammar problems in student writing and prescribe remedies.

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